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Native American Art, Music and Dance

Native Americans have rich histories and traditions in art, music and dance. They were always integral and important elements of Native American life, inseparable from other aspects of daily life.

Indigenous Dance Traditions in the US: Native American vs. Native Hawaiian
Indigenous peoples the world over share many important cultural traits, and that is the same with Native Americans and Native Hawaiians. This article articulates the similarities and differences in the dance traditions and how they were affected by American colonization.

Ledger Art and the History of Native American Internment
Today's popular American Indian ledger art has much of its roots in the dark past of Native American internment in prisoner of war camps of the 19th century. The article explores the history of the Fort Marion prison and the work of Native American artists there, which came to inspire today's new generation of ledger artist.

Native American Dance Regalia: The Art of Powwow
This article discusses Native American powwow clothing as a distinct art form. It includes the history, beliefs, skills and dance styles involved in powwows.

A Retrospective of Hawaiian Hula
Hawaii's indigenous dance form, hula, is explored in its historical eras. Hula has evolved in different directions since the coming of Europeans, almost disappearing for over a generation and re-emerging changed but intact. What are the historical forces which have changed the dance form, and how is today's hula a reflection of Hawaii's...

What is Native Science and Traditional Environmental Knowledge?
Science is not specific to Western culture. Native American people had their own methods of producing knowledge that can be thought of as science. This article uncovers modern scholarly work on Native American science practices and knowledge.

The History of Santa Fe Indian Market
At 90 years old, Santa Fe Indian Market is the most prestigious and venerated Native American art event in the world. Like the artists that participate, it has experienced generations of change but has never lost its focus. This article traces the evolution of the market and its parent organization, the Southwestern Association for Indian arts.

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